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Amidst global changes and trends, client requests and demands are becoming ever more diverse and complex. The simple and minor service structure of the past can no longer provide solutions to satisfy the rapidly changing demands of today’s markets.

Since its establishment in 1975, SUNJIN Engineering & Architecture has devoted itself to building an information sharing system that’s capable of integrating the expertise and knowledge the company has amassed over thirty some years and to providing logical and technology-based solutions to client needs. In addition, the company’s commitment to seeing projects to their very end has not only produced superior results, it has also resulted in a level of customer satisfaction like no other.

In addition, SUNJIN Engineering & Architecture has supported fostering individual professionalism in each respective field of construction and architecture and strategic cooperation amongst the experts and professionals under the company’s employment to ensure qualitatively advanced results in the company’s undertakings. In short, SUNJIN proudly boasts a level of competitiveness that stands far apart from the rest.

It’s not just Korea where you can find SUNJIN’s superior construction and architecture works. Fulfilling the role of a true total solutions provider, SUNJIN engages in construction, urban development, complex development, transportation, and many other engineering and development projects throughout the globe.

SUNJIN’s first overseas enterprises began back in the 70s, mainly in Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries. Upon entering the new millennium, SUNJIN Vietnam Joint Venture Company was established, followed by SUNJIN Lao Co., Ltd., SUNJIN Libya Engineering Joint Company, Oman Branch and Abu Dhabi Branch, Today, all regional offices of SUNJIN are reporting brilliant achievements.

Reaching out across the globe with solid technological capacity and sensible design services, SUNJIN Engineering & Architecture and its 700 or so professionals pledge to continue serving as a value creator for our clients.