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The BRL Group

Founded in 1955, BRL is now a group of companies including:

 BRL, the parent company and holding, in charge of activities under BRL’s “regional development assignment” to support development projects belonging to the local and regional authorities.

 BRL Exploitation, ISO 9001 certified, in charge of managing and operating large scale water production and distribution infrastructure in Languedoc-Roussillon: drinking water, agricultural water and industrial water, etc.

 BRL Ingénierie, an ISO 9001 certified international consulting firm, working in over 80 different countries in all areas related to water, the environment, land-use management and development.

 BRL Espaces Naturels, the group’s ISO 9001 certified “plant world” subsidiary, which runs the Pépinières du Bas-Rhône nurseries and a landscape design and parks and garden maintenance works unit.

  PREDICT Services, the subsidiary founded in December 2006 with Météo France and INFOTERRA to help local council authorities manage flood crises.

 BRL Madagascar are an overseas consulting firm and subsidiary companie belonging to BRL.

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