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Consulting in making Detail Plan for Environment Protection of Muong Thanh Xa La Hotel

Muong Thanh Xa La Hotel is located at No.66, Phuc La – Van Phu Street, Xa La Urban Quarter, Ha Dong District, Hanoi City:

Bordering Phuc La – Van Phu Road to the Southeast side,

  • Bordering CT4 Building to the Northeast side,
  • Bordering Nhue River to the Southwest side,
  • Bordering land and housing area No.15, 16, 17 to the Northwest side.

Land area of the hotel is 5,500m2, in which: the high-rise 15 floor building has 1,235m2 of construction area (gross area of the building is 15,950m2), swimming pool area is 550m2, area for traffic is 956m2, internal road and ground area is 718.35m2, total landscape is 1,072.65m2. Area for technical infrastructure is underground of landscape area with 260m2.