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Today, Intelligence Building has become a reality by successfully merging building management and IT systems. It integrates disparate building systems via a shared network so that they can be monitored and controlled by a centralized common user interface.
This integration is the advent of coalescing of two market forces:

  • The emergence of multi IP-based building automation systems – bringing together separate applications such as HVAC, physical security and access, energy, lighting, elevator, and fire and safety.
  • The convergence of multimedia video surveillance, voice and data services onto unitary IP-based infrastructures. 

Networld has embraced the above technologies to help real estate stakeholders create value by streaming installation and operating multiple building systems. By above means, it creates values to real estate stakeholders in terms of increasing energy efficiency, reducing operational expenditure, improving staff productivity, optimizing systems management, and creating new revenue streams.
At Networld, we design hardware, software, and services entirely based on open standards with road maps that anticipate and support constantly changing business requirements.
Today's environment is full of promising yet complex technology. Networld designs, delivers and implements solutions that capture the promise of technology while overcoming the complexities. Our people are trained and certified experts who know the capabilities of technology thoroughly. We use this expert knowledge to identify the right hardware, software and services from leading technology suppliers, combined with Networld's professional services, to ensure that our customers receive the best solutions available for their particular situations.

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