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Package ISP/CS8: Consulting Service for Support of Vietnam National Road Maintenance Fund, Vietnam

Component A: Road Asset Management This component aims to set-up the road database framework and to develop a comprehensive road asset management system.

Component B: Road Network Maintenance

The Project will finance a road maintenance program including NH 2, NH 6, and NH 48 with diversified contract forms including: i) traditional maintenance contracts; and ii) performance- based maintenance contracts (PBC). Some performance-based maintenance contracts have already been implemented during the previous World Bank financed Road Network Improvement Project (RNIP) and those lessons will be applied here. The project will also finance completion of a PBC legal framework and compare the effectiveness of the different maintenance methods.

Component C: Road Asset Improvement

The project will finance the improvement of selected key national highways in the northern

provinces, including NH38, NH39 (Trieu Duong - Hung Ha and Vo Hoi - Diem Dien) and four bridges of over 25m on NH38B having been earlier included in the investment list under RNIP but have not yet been implemented due to a shortage of funds. Investment in these bridges will help to increase the effectiveness of routes that have been upgraded through RNIP.

Component D: Institutional Strengthening Program.

Component D will finance the necessary technical assistance to support DRVN‟s institutional reform, including implementation of the requirements resulting from the national and subnational level activities of the Vietnam National Road Maintenance Fund (VNRMF); standardization and simplification of construction roadside assets such as drainage culverts, slope, ditches and other roadside equipment.

Component D consists of the following sub-components:

D1: The sub-component will finance: D1.1 Strengthening Human Resource Management for DRVN; D1.2 Development of Human Resource Management Information System for DRVN; and D1.3 Training courses in Vietnam or overseas tailored for DRVN‟s need.

D2: Development of Institutional Support to the Vietnam Road Maintenance Fund: The subcomponent will provide the necessary technical assistance for the National Road Maintenance Fund Office (NRMFO), extend procedures and training activities to Local Road Maintenance Fund Offices (LRMFO), and ensure that structures established and procedures followed by NRMFO and LRMFO are designed to achieve sustainable road maintenance activities across Vietnam, transparently and accountably.

D3: The sub-component is aimed to consolidate the various road element standard designs and drawings for new construction and maintenance of national highways currently used in Vietnam into a set of common design standards and drawings.